July 2020
It's an Attract Month

Hey ,

Apologies for this arriving a little later than usual, but I've been lining up a few things that I wanted to communicate ahead of time.

Firstly, I'm looking forward immensely to our next Insight Masterclass with Jessica Brady & Glenn Hare of Fox & Hare coming up in August. We're going to be talking about what happens when you get off to a flyer with your growth story and need to settle into Phase 2, managing it all. I think there will be many, many gems coming out of this one.

The ongoing COVID situation has made it almost impossible for us to run our Excelerator events, and I don't know about you but Zoom isn't a replacement. Which is why I'm launching Mastermind workshops, starting in August. If you're a Leveraged client, please do me a favour and click the link below (else the automation will tell me to come get you).

In other news, our latest blog  The Website Mistake Many Advisers Make obviously hit home with many of you, and I'm delighted to have the chance to work with those who reached out to build your own WOW Website. If you're also interested, the application is here.

We're also trialling a new members' site layout. If you'd like to be part of the beta test and get instant access, drop me a line and I'll hook you up.

Finally, I've made the call to close the office and take a "step back" week. It's been a crazy time and I think we all need to give some thought to giving ourselves a time out. Something for us all to consider...

That's it!  Onward and upward.

All times are AEST/ Sydney

Friday 10 July
11:00 The Drop In

13 July - 20 July
Audere Offices closed

Friday 24 July
10:00 Friction-Less
12:00 The Drop In

Friday 31 July
9:30am Mastermind 1

Friday 7 August
12:00 The Drop In

Friday 14 August
10:00 Chapter 2

Friday 21 August
10:00 Mastermind 2

Systemisation Blueprint
Practice Factory
WOW Website applications
Live Training
Friday 24 July from 10am

What could you do differently to make it simpler to deliver advice? How could you communicate that would double engagement? How could you use tech differently to save hours in the week?

In this training, I'll pull out the tactics, strategies and templates that every advice firm could use right now.

Leveraged Member Event
Friday 31 July & Friday 21 August from 10am to 1pm

Leveraged peeps, I invite you to join me for a Leveraged Mastermind Session.

Recent events have made it challenging to run our live Excelerator events, which is why I've decided to run these small-scale, interactive sessions in our workshop space at Audere HQ. Check it out.

Insight Masterclass
Friday 14 August from 10am

I wanted to give advance notice of this one, as I think it'll be a great one.

For those like me who've followed the rise of Fox & Hare or attended last months Dean Holmes session, you'll know much about this growth story, which is why I'm keen to talk to Jess and Glenn about what happens after you've fuelled growth and move on to managing the next phase.
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I'm looking to connect with interesting people in our industry with a story to tell who'd like to be my guest on the Podcast. Specifically:
  • If you're one of those advisers who loves to tell stories of how you helped clients achieve truly amazing outcomes,
  • You're highly tech-literate mand want to share some of the innovations you've made,
  • You're playing in a specific niche and have insight to share,
  • You've made the leap from another high-performance industry to advice,
  • You're delivering advice in a unique way or across some interesting areas,
  • You're an expert in your field and have insight about our industry you feel people need to hear,

Email me at and I'll share what I'm thinking.

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