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This month I have a personal favour to ask.

We launched a podcast last month, The Finnovator. Kieran Milward - the wizard who knows about this stuff - tells me  reviews are an all-important part of sharing it with the world, so he suggested that there might be people like you willing to spend 60 seconds adding a 5-star review to the mix and maybe even making the New & Noteworthy list.

If this sounds like something you'd be up for helping to achieve, you can leave a review here. Thank you in advance!

I've got everything crossed the worst is behind us, but I'll still be doubling down on two more COVID Special Sessions, exploring what advice businesses can do now to thrive.

I'm also really excited about our Masterclass this month with Carolyn Bindon and Scott Guildford of Wealthmed. If you'd like to see under the bonnet of a powerhouse niche multi-disciplinary firm, The Specialist's Specialists is one you want to sign up for.

May also marks the period where one little project turned into something called ConnecXpace, and our brand new virtual weekly conference / virtual working space was born. During this beta testing period, we're open the (virtual) doors wide, so drop in this Friday.

See you on the inside

All times are AEST/ Sydney

Friday 15 May
12:00 ConneXpace/ Drop In
13:00 Working Together

Friday 22 May
10:00 The Specialists' Specialists
12:00 ConneXpace/ Drop In
13:00 Remote Meetings

Friday 22 May
12:00 ConneXpace/ Drop In

New Modules
Communication in Crisis
Allied in Partnership
Firm On Your Value

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The Specialists Specialists
Live Masterclass - 10 am Friday 22nd May

Wealthmed is a shining example of what happens when you commit to excellence in a niche and a multi-disciplinary proposition.

In this Masterclass, we'll dive deep with Carolyn Bindon & Scott Guildford on what the specialist game means, mistakes to avoid, and how the needs of the medical profession shaped everything from tech, marketing, engagement processes and more.


Working Together When You're Apart
COVID Special Training - 1 pm Friday 15th May

We're all learning new skills right now. Some will stick and your business will be better for it. Remote working is one of them.

At this session, we'll explore what I've learned and refined that make working remotely a non-issue, including the frameworks, tools and working habits that I've learnt, improved and coached that will allow a team to perform no matter the location


Not Remotely Disadvantaged
COVID Special Training - 1 pm Friday 29th May

By now you've probably become well-acquainted with running your meetings remotely, which is good. Of everything, it's the habit that will stick.

This session isn't about being adequate, what apps to use, and all that other Level 1 stuff. It's about delivering remote meetings like a pro, exploring what you need to know about allowing clients to feel like it's as good as being in the same room.


Every Friday

Remember Second Life? This groundbreaking online virtual world was odd as hell, but gave a glimpse into what was possible.

ConneXpace is about evolving the online training format. A virtual meeting/ working/ conference space for training, collaborative & interactive sessions, spontaneous working sessions, 1:1 peer meetings, and connecting the right kind of people.


Most Popular Blog
It was The First Contact Call this month, where I shared why it's one of the best things on the program and why I stopped calling it pre-vet.


Podcast: The Finnovator 
We added new episodes to our latest baby, The Finnovator podcast. If you love it, a review could help us make the New & Noteworthy list. Purdy please...


New Events Page
The calendar got a make-over, so not only can you easily see all of our upcoming events, but you can also add them to your calendar with one easy click. 


Useful resource: Teamwork Projects
A lot of questions I'm fielding right now are around workflow. Teamwork Projects is the go-to tool I recommend when people want to solve a problem fast.


Can you help?
More and more I'm finding businesses with a need to find killer Operations Manager/ EAs who can organise the doing. Any recommendations?

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